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Where is my plumber? Relax! Call now… where is my plumber? Always close. Dont ask twice, call me plumber, plumber o where can i get a plumber when i need one???? You’re plumber is right here! As always a plumber

Heating Services


Need a boiler service today in Dublin? Our boiler services have a full system check. We usually take 30 minutes to complete. Boiler service and repair Dublin plumbing and heating is fully trained in gas and oil boiler servicing. All

Electrical Work for Plumbing


Need electrical work done in Dublin? We can supply you with an electrician. If you need lights, sockets or fuse boards and we are fully trained and insured to cover all electrical work for our trade please contact con for

Special Offers

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Special Offer for Plumber in Dublin contact us for a rate that suits your needs. Our boiler service rate for September, offer is from €90 covering your boiler to a full heating system check. Call now for more details. Dublin